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Xene net is a human network that continues to spread throughout Japan and around the whole world.

Our aim is to overcome geographical borders in communication and to create "New Businesses".

Currently there are over 550 members in 23 countries, and we are always on the lookout for college students, freelance workers, translators & interpreters, local guides, writers, designers, photographers, business co-ordinators and specialists in establishing businesses overseas, regardless of nationality.

There are a wide range of people registered with xene net, why not join us?

There are currently 3 Xene networks, xene net H (Xene Network Hokkaido), xene net J (Xene Network Japan) and xene net i (Xene Network International).

xene net i
Currently has approximately 150 people (we aim for 500), including translators, interpreters, local guides, business co-ordinators, business solicitors, writers, designers, illustrators, photographers and travel agencies registered in 23 different countries in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania (China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Egypt, U.S.A, Canada, Africa, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Denmark).

xene net H & xene net J
Currently approximately 400 people registered throughout Hokkaido and Japan, including translators, interpreters, writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, narrators, models, tape writers, college lecturers, business enterprises and other organizations.

Qualifications for registering with xene net.
Honest people with a strong sense of responsibility, regardless of age, nationality, race, sex, religion, sexuality or disability.

Job descriptions

xene net i
Translation; proof reading; local interpreting; local guide; information research; business co-ordination; copy writing; design; illustration; photography; audio-typing; trading support; overseas student support; event planning; business establishment support & simple part-time jobs.

xene net H&J
Translation; proof reading; interpretation; writing; copy writing; design; CG; Illustration; photography;
Narration; modelling; acting; audio-typing; Web publishing; CM production; event planning and organization & simple part time jobs.

The benefits of registering with xene net.

1. Between Xene & registered members
There is always a possibility that Xene may request you to do some work in any of the above fields..

2. Between the members
Business plans abroad? Why not request for market research to be carried out locally using xene net i, or hire a local guide or interpreter at reasonable rates when you make that overseas business trip.

3. E-mail letter distribution
Xene sends out up to the minute e-mails containing the latest news, job vacancies, job requests, event and seminar information and the latest scoops. Just a short friendly note, don't worry!

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