Basic Data on the Northern Territories (Oct., 2000)

OUT and ABOUT: Hitting the Trail in Hokkaido (Aug., 2000)

Central Hokkaido
(Feb. 1999)

Southern Hokkaido (Oct. 1998)

Eastern Hokkaido (Dec. 1998)

Tokachi - Heartland, Wonderland (Aug. 1998)

Hot Time, Summer in the Mountains (May 1997)

Unwinding Japanese Style (Nov. 1996)

Yosakoi Soran Matsuri (May 1996)

Tips for Picking Out Your Gear (Nov. 1995)

What you should know about the Japanese Calender (May and Aug. 1995)

A Few of Sapporo's Creepy Places (Aug. 1995)

Shikotsuko's Haunted Hotel

Two-Wheeling It Across Hokkaido (Feb. 1995)