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Omiai: An Altar Image (Feb. 2002)
by Vanessa Fortyn

Higuma, King of the Forest (Dec., 2001)
by Carey Paterson

Making Friends with the Natives (Oct., 2001)
by Danny Lamont

Whitewater Terror: Niseko's Terrific Whitewater Rafting (Aug. 2001)
by Bill Andrechek

Taking Steps Against Abuse (April, 2001)

A Plucky Northern Craftsman: Young Samisen maker keeps tradition alive (Feb., 2001)

Fission for Trouble: Is MITI Planning a Northern Nuke Dumpsite? (Dec., 2000)


Internationalization: No Pain, No Gain (June, 2000)

Seeing Haring (April, 2000)
by Carey Paterson

The Magnificent Leaven
- Bagelmeisters Bring Internationalization - (April, 2000)
by Carey Paterson

Looking Past The Mask
- Hollywood Does a Retake on Japan - (Feb. 1, 1999)
by William Kennedy

Hokkaido. Then What?
- Putting your experience to work back home - (Dec. 1999)
by Carey Paterson

NOISE - The City's "Silent" Problem - (Oct. 1999)
by William Kennedy

Cash from Trash - There's gold in that gomi - (Aug. 1999)
by William Kennedy

A Face in the Crowd - Hokkaido's Invisible Escapees from the South - (June 1999)
by William Kennedy

Good Things Brewing in Hokkaido - Small Brewers Making a Name in Local Beer Market -
(April 1999)
by William Kennedy

THEY DO GIVE A DAMN! - Young volunteers help troubled teens - (Feb. 1999)
by Gail Kastning, with Michael O'Connell

THE KANJI AND I (Dec. 1998)
by Mikael Dam

by Michael O'Connell, with Tomoyuki Inoue

"Banzai!" to the Karaoke Guy (Oct. 1998)
by William Kennedy

Shifting Demographics Mean Role Call for Education in Japan (Aug. 1998)
by Alfredo Varela

The Gup of Cups and Ducks and Yen and Bucks (Aug. 1998)
by William Kennedy

Recession Derails Hokkaido Gravy Train (Aug. 1998)
by Tommy Inoue

Extreme Sports in Hokkaido For the Thrill of it All (June 1998)
by William Kennedy

A Private Matter?
- Sapporo's physically and mentally disabled citizens (Feb. 1998)
by Michelle Cook

INTERNATIONALIZATION: rhetoric vs. real change
(Feb. 1998)
by Josephine Clark

Drugs in Japan - The End of Denial... - (Dec. 1997)
by Michael O'Connell

Gearing Up for Winter Biking (Dec. 1997)
by Michael O'Connell

New Concert Hall Dazzles (May 1997)
by Y. Endo, M. O'Connell and K. Yamaguchi

Cambodia's Wonders in the Jungle (Feb. 1997)
by Michael O'Connell

Sip into something more comfortable: sake (Feb. 1997)
by Kaoru Yamaguchi and Yuko Endo

He's the Man With the Movies! (Aug. 1996)
by Sonia Knecht, with Yuko Endo, Fumiyo Yahoko and Kaoru Yamaguchi

Pachinko's Push for Respectability (Aug. 1996)
by Michael O'Connell with Takako Mitsuya

Gay Pride Parade in Sapporo (May 1996)
by Justin Miller

It's a Crime (May 1996)
by Chris King

"Gaijin" or Just Another Stranger in A Strange Land (Feb. 1996)
by Mary Westring with Hiroko Fujisaku

"Ningyo Kuyoh": Japan's Funeral of Dolls (Aug. 1995)
by Mike O'Connell

Don't Just Stop the MEIWAKU (Aug. 1995)
by Mark Levin

The Difference That Sumo Makes (Aug. 1995)
by Don Frank

Nibutani Dam: Indigenous Rights vs. Development ...or Greed? (Aug. 1995)
by Juanita Kwok

Education: An Overseas Alternative (Feb. 1995)
by Alfredo Varela